Seal Coating in Polson Montana

Asphalt: Seal Coating in Polson Montana

Seal Coating in Polson MontanaFor many decades Treasure State Concrete has been your local provider of asphalt seal coating. Upkeep can save the owner of a property thousands of dollars over the life of the pavement. Sealcoating can save real dollars for pavement owners. Unsealed pavement can require repairs starting in the second year and could, in some cases, require an overlay or extensive repairs prematurely.

Treasure State recommends sealcoating every 6 to 12 months after initial pavement installation. This time frame will allow proper curing of the asphalt. However, shorter time frames between paving and seal coating in many cases will create better adhesion. This is due to the high oil content of the asphalt, providing up to 30% longer wear-life of the seal coat.

Sealcoating decreases the ability for water to penetrate the asphalt.

Treasure State Concrete is located at 36344 Glover Road in Polson Montana for local service. In addition to delivery in the Mission Valley. We also offer Asphalt Paving and well as Sand and Gravel products.

We have competed 100’s of asphalt seal coating projects around the Mission Valley. Providing both residential and  commercial services. Serving the Mission Valley area. For all your  commercial asphalt maintenance and residential sealcoating. We strive to bring the best possible workmanship possible while still maintaining competitive pricing for our all of our clients.