CAT Stone Slinger

Our CAT Stone Slinger truck is the perfect truck to spread gravel, sand, rock, top soil and many other stone/aggregates with better precision at a distance than any other truck. The CAT Slinger truck can help you work in tight spaces where your options are limited, it is able to shoot up to 100 feet away from the truck.

Some of the types of projects our CAT Stone Slinger can be used for;

Residential & commercial construction, formwork, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, pool backfill, septic tank backfill, French drain backfill, landscaping and more.


Asphalt Paving in Polson

Treasure State offers Asphalt Paving in Polson Montana.

Everything outside of your business contributes to the overall impression of it. There is no question that asphalt paving is an investment in your property. However, asphalt is the most popular selection for paving projects across the nation. This durable material has quickly become one of the most preferred paving materials. WHY? Asphalt is more flexible than concrete, allowing it to better endure the seasonal changes in Montana’s weather. Regular maintenance like sealcoating, patching, and resurfacing, you can prolong the lifespan of your parking lot or driveway for years. The single biggest factor in getting the longest life out of your asphalt is having an experienced commercial asphalt paving company like Treasure State to handle the job from beginning to end.

Treasure State is the Local Asphalt Paving choice in Polson.

When it comes to paving your parking lots and industrial complexes, we are the premiere choice. If you’re looking for a commercial asphalt paving company that will go the extra mile for you, you have found one. Our strong history of providing superior paving services for 20+ years is a testament to the level of experience and our knowledge our team possesses.

This knowledge and experience is what allows us to provide our customers with a fantastic experience.  We know you are on a tight deadline, we work incredibly efficiently to ensure that our timeline matches yours. Ensuring your job is completed on time.

Treasure State Concrete is located at 36344 Glover Road in Polson Montana for local service. In addition to delivery in the Mission Valley. We also offer Asphalt Paving and well as Sand and Gravel products.